Offering a camera sensor CMOS cleaning service in Okotoks/Calgary and surrounding area. I come to you.

Contact to make arrangements. ---

$75 within Okotoks/Calgary (2nd camera $35) 
$95 in other areas, may cost more depending on how far you are away. (2nd camera $35)

I have been cleaning DSLR CMOS sensors for 11 years in Calgary/Okotoks and 4 years in Toronto.

Note: if you have dust/smudge/pollen/hair/sand stuck to your sensor, then this service is for you.
(Or you could continue the editing process in Lightroom/Photoshop)

- NEVER use a camel hair or LensPen carbon brush on your camera's sensor!
- NEVER use cleaning liquids not designed for the sensor on your camera's CMOS chip!

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