...these are my passions
Need a modem or router setup at home/work?
Malware got your computer running super slow?
Can't get your PC or Laptop to run as fast
as it used to run?
Need special software sourced for your business or home requirements?
With over 25 years as a Network, Windows and Systems' Specialist and a Password Specialist,
I've pretty much seen most every issue that has plagued the average computer user.
There is something to be said for experience!
My rate is $65/hour with a 2 hour minimum.
If I cannot diagnose your issue and come up with a workable plan
to fix the problem within the first hour,
then you will only pay for my trip charge (usually $20).
I will work with you and your Internet provider to be that "technical" guru
to get your issue resolved, if it involves slow Internet,
intermittent Internet or no Internet access at all.
Think that maybe you want to upgrade
your older equipment?
I'll steer you clear of all the jargon and
act as your agent
in getting that new/upgraded system to put you back in the driver's seat!
I can build Servers, PCs, purchase Mac systems,
network hardware, run cabling and install and teach
many types of software that is available on the market.
Anything "IT", I'm at your service!
Contact to make arrangements.

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