The Journey of Gil Tennant

I found my love of photography early, when I was just 16! My school was lucky enough to have a film camera, lens and a darkroom that my French teacher had spent time putting together. After the first moments in that "converted" kitchen, I was hooked!

It Began In The Dark

It was exciting to see the image come into view, on the photographic paper, as I sloshed it around in the developer, after painstakingly sizing the image, just so, on the enlarger. The bug had taken hold and wouldn't let go! From this moment forward, I knew that photography would be a major part of my life.

Just one year later, I was teaching darkroom and photography techniques to the other students, who decided to join my passion for the capture of the perfect light.
That was 1979.

Now, 41 years later, I have had the pleasure to work for some great people and accomplish some great things. My work has been enjoyed at/by small art shows, slideshow audiences of a scientific nature, as well as providing an educational experience for hundreds of children.

Along the way, I was bitten by the IT bug. Twenty-five years later, and a number of companies on my resume, and I am still providing IT solutions for those in need!

When I was involved in Astronomy (space images and tours of the night sky). My Astronomy equipment travelled all over Ontario and New Brunswick, letting people share in my passion for teaching and showing them things that captured the imagination!

Today, I am currently helping people learn more about their cameras and assisting them in capturing great images that they too, can be proud to put on any wall, or Internet site.

It's my deep passion to educate, that drives me to be the best I can be and to teach in a manner that is fun and easy to learn. Some say I should have been a teacher.

To that I say, "this is way more fun!"

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