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I provide two types of learning sessions REGULAR and EXTENDED. Typically, beginners in photography, particularly with today's new Digital cameras, require a refresher in light, and how it works in a camera.
All lessons are HANDS ON.

REGULAR lessons are charged at $75 for a 2 hour session.
EXTENDED lessons are charged at $99 for a 2 hour session.

A 3 lesson (2 REGULAR and 1 EXTENDED) package for $199.99 is available...

By providing a HANDS ON learning session, often 1-on-1, but no more than 3 persons at a time, learning becomes a more personal experience and questions are able to be answered in greater detail. NO large class size here...



- Camera modes - Auto, aperture priority (AV), shutter priority(TV), manual, sports, landscape, close up, portrait mode


- Everyday shooting - What to look for and how to shoot it


- Composition - Don't just stand there! Learn how to "see" a photo just about anywhere!


- Long Exposure - Make people disappear.. or turn them into ghostly apparitions


- Lenses - You have the ability to add just about any lens to your new camera, you now need to understand what you need and why – don’t make that purchase just yet


- Lighting - Probably the single most important aspect of any art form


- Shooting towards the Sun - NEVER SHOOT DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN! But have you ever wanted to be able to get a properly exposed image in very bright conditions, and instead ended up with a silhouette? Or maybe you want a silhouette, and don’t know how to achieve one?


- Informal Portraits/Candids - sometimes the best shots are the unexpected or non-posed





- Digital Imaging - Touching on uploading to a PC and using Photoshop/other editing software


- What are all these buttons for? I can help you discover what all the features and functions actually do and when it is best to use them.


- Black and White Photography - Timeless!


- HDR Photography - How to make snow or sand (or anything light in shade) ALONG WITH dark shades to appear correctly exposed, on a single image – think indoor shots where the outside window view is not lost…


- Flash Photography - Understand how the light works and how you can control it


- Night Time, Fireworks and Astro imaging - Get those cool star trails and fireworks photos you've been dying to show off to your friends. You can also do photography at night without a flash!


- Cleaning and maintenance - With DSLR's comes dust. Plus you may find yourself getting down and dirty now that you know what to do to get those special shots


- Any other lesson not detailed in the STANDARD area, or involving traveling to your site or another location. A $10 trip charge may apply.




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