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I provide two types of learning sessions REGULAR and EXTENDED. Typically, beginners in photography, particularly with today's new Digital cameras, require a refresher in light, and how it works in a camera.
All lessons are HANDS ON.

REGULAR lessons are charged at $60 for a 2 hour session.
EXTENDED lessons are charged at $90 for a 2 hour session.

A 3 lesson (2 REGULAR and 1 EXTENDED) Special for $150.00 is available...

By providing a HANDS ON learning session, often 1-on-1, but no more than 3 persons at a time, learning becomes a more personal experience and questions are able to be answered in greater detail. NO large class size here...



- Camera modes - Auto, aperture priority (AV), shutter priority(TV), manual, sports, landscape, close up, portrait mode


- Everyday shooting - What to look for and how to shoot it


- Composition - Don't just stand there! Learn how to "see" a photo just about anywhere!


- Long Exposure - Make people disappear.. or turn them into ghostly apparitions


- Lenses - You have the ability to add just about any lens to your new camera, you now need to understand what you need and why – don’t make that purchase just yet


- Lighting - Probably the single most important aspect of any art form


- Shooting towards the Sun - NEVER SHOOT DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN! But have you ever wanted to be able to get a properly exposed image in very bright conditions, and instead ended up with a silhouette? Or maybe you want a silhouette, and don’t know how to achieve one?


- Informal Portraits/Candids - sometimes the best shots are the unexpected or non-posed





- Digital Imaging - Touching on uploading to a PC and using Photoshop/other editing software


- What are all these buttons for? I can help you discover what all the features and functions actually do and when it is best to use them.


- Black and White Photography - Timeless!


- HDR Photography - How to make snow or sand (or anything light in shade) ALONG WITH dark shades to appear correctly exposed, on a single image – think indoor shots where the outside window view is not lost…


- Flash Photography - Understand how the light works and how you can control it


- Night Time, Fireworks and Astro imaging - Get those cool star trails and fireworks photos you've been dying to show off to your friends. You can also do photography at night without a flash!


- Cleaning and maintenance - With DSLR's comes dust. Plus you may find yourself getting down and dirty now that you know what to do to get those special shots


- Any other lesson not detailed in the STANDARD area, or involving traveling to your site or another location. A $10 trip charge may apply.





Purchase 2 STANDARD Lesson for $110 (plus any applicable travel charge outside SE/SW Calgary)!


Regular price = $120 (a savings of $10).


* Advance payment required by Visa or MasterCard, serviced by Squareup. Most weekends available from March thru December, 2018. No expiry. None Refundable. HURRY and book your sessions today. All sessions carried out in the SE/SW part of Calgary (outdoors). Hands on, even if you don't own a camera but are thinking of purchasing one. My equipment is available to learn all about Photography!

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