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I found my love of photography early, when I was just 16! My school was lucky enough to have a film camera, lens and a darkroom that my French teacher had spent time putting together. After the first moments in that "converted" kitchen, I was hooked!


It Began In The Dark


It was exciting to see the image come into view, on the photographic paper, as I sloshed it around in the developer, after painstakingly sizing it just so, on the enlarger. The bug had taken hold and wouldn't let go, from this moment forward, I knew that photography would be a major part of my life.


Just one year later, I was teaching darkroom and photography techniques to the other students, who decided to join my passion for the capture of the perfect light.

That was 1978.


Now, 38 years later, I have had the pleasure to work for some great people and accomplish some great things. My work has been enjoyed at/by small art shows, slideshow audiences of a scientific nature, as well as providing an educational experience for hundreds of children.


When I was involved in Astronomy (space images and tours of the night sky). My tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment traveled all over Ontario and New Brunswick, letting people share in my passion for teaching and showing them things that captured the imagination!


Today, I am currently helping people learn more about their cameras and assisting them in capturing great images that they too, can be proud to put on any wall.


It's my deep passion to educate, that drives me to be the best I can be and to teach in a manner that is fun and easy to learn. Some say I should have been a teacher.



To that I say, "this is way more fun!"


Here's what customers had to say...



Here's what Rozita K (Calgary) had to say:


"I was in a quest to find some interactive lessons about photography in Calgary, than I came across Gil's lessons on Kijiji. By taking Gil's lessons, I learned a lot about cameras, lens and different photography techniques in such a short time. Gil is very knowledgeable about the subject and a very professional person in his business; he has a genuine interest for teaching photography to people and I think that's the secret for his successful lessons.

As some one new to DSLR cameras and undecided about pursuing photography seriously, I benefited a lot from working with Gil as he has a great passion for photography that is contagious! I highly recommend Gil's custom lessons to everyone."




Here's what Loral S (Calgary) had to say:


"Gil is a very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and genuine individual who loves photography…..as his work shows…..He has gone above and beyond in his teaching sessions and is willing to patiently repeat and re-explain concepts to benefit the learner…..No need to look any further than Gil…..he’s the real deal and you’ll be so happy you chose him…..He also sends follow-up notes as an added bonus to his already reasonably  priced packages….



Thanks again Gil,"




Here's what Jean C (Calgary) had to say:


"Gil has provided me with quite some useful tips in his lessons. He has also shown great willingness to answer all my questions and provided me with additional insights in other cases. I would recommend him if you want to improve"



Here's what Jamielyn M (Calgary) had to say:


"Working with Gil is fun and educational. I was able to figure out how to identify the different parts of my camera and able to maximize the use of the lenses which I bought without knowing how to use it properly and how to come up with a nice picture. Every time we go for RnR (rest and recreation), nice pictures taken are Gil's inspired teaching."




Here's what Daryl C (Calgary) had to say:


“Had an amazing time with Gil's photography lesson. He's very patient and very perceptive as to what kind of photographs I want to take and focuses on teaching me how to achieve the skills/techniques to take them. He is also very knowledgeable with camera and lens hardware, at the end I had a pretty good idea which type of camera and lens I will be buying for my type of photography. Totally recommend this to everyone, especially those thinking to buy or have just bought a DSLR that actually wants to learn how to use that expensive piece of technology. Have one more extended lesson to take and am quite excited to pick one of the lessons he has available =D.”




Here's what Costa K (Calgary) had to say:


"Gil was helpful by explaining the aperture and the various light handling settings on my Sony camera. The summary email I received was a good recap too."




Here's what Sunny S (Calgary) had to say:


"I found Gil’s number on Kijiji and chose to take a lesson from him. He treated me nicely and explained to me every single aspect of the camera’s menu, on his own Canon T5i camera. I was a beginner in photography, and after this first lesson, I felt that I met someone who really wants to teach me!


He was very clear, patient and kind spoken. I personally work as a nurse and appreciated the fact that he was not in it for the “money”, but really wanted to make me a better photographer.


Moreover, he sent me an email explaining everything that he had taught me, during or session together, which helped me tremendously.


I would highly recommend Gil as your photography instructor… if you really want to rock at photography."




Here's what Darlene S (Calgary) had to say:


"Session with Gil was very informative! He helped me learn some features of my new camera in an easy to understand manner. Will be contacting Gil again for further lessons!"




Here's what Catherine B (Calgary) had to say:



"Thanks so much for your time and your knowledge.

I was a bit apprehensive meeting a fella out of KIJIJI,

for a camera lesson, but turns out it was a pleasure!

Thanks for all your helpful hints, and kindness."




Here's what Bea G (Calgary) had to say:



"We had fun while learning . It was a good start, Gil is very professional and patient . We just realized we have a lot of things to learn yet. Looking forward to our next session...pretty excited to learn more!"




Here's what Sindy R (Calgary) had to say:


" I have been learning so much about my DSLR I didn't know about, through the knowledge and guidance of the friendly Pixelgrower."




Here's what Alan B (Calgary) had to say:



"Enjoyed the afternoon. I found out how much I have to learn. Gil was professional, and answered all questions in plain English, easy to understand. Overall a pleasant experience, I hope to be able to return after applying what I learnt."




Here's what Mike D (Calgary) had to say:



"After a couple of outings with Gil my shots improved dramatically. The composition of my shots improved as well as the knowledge and understanding of some of my cameras functions. Pretty good considering I'm shooting Nikon and Gil shoots Canon. Since my second session I've been very intrigued and excited to use some new techniques that Gil introduced to me. Some of the techniques included the use of on board and external flash as well as different types of lens filters. I might also add that he is very easy going and enjoys sharing his knowledge. Thanks Gil, you've helped me big time. Look forward to our next outing!"




Here's what Peter B (Toronto) had to say:



" My experience with Gil was a great adventure and experience. I did not expect much from him, considering how much he charges, but I gained more at the end of the day. I intend to take more lessons with him to improve my techniques as I know I am working with a pro. Thanks Gil!"




Here's what Diana A-P (Whitby) had to say:



" What a great day it was, I learned a lot and am very thankful for the teaching I received, Gil you're a great guy and a great teacher...I can't wait for my second lesson!"

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